Susan B. Anthony
Solano County Board of Supervisors


Susan B. Anthony


I'm a lifelong resident of Vallejo and a graduate of St. Vincent High School and Solano Community College. I've been happily married to Ed Brashear for many years and we own the Squeaky Clean Car Wash on Benicia Road.

Please read my latest letter urging action on dismantling the ships, sent to Governor Brown, Senator Boxer and President Obama.

Susan B. Anthony

Businesswoman, Wildlife Conservationist, Political Activist

I, Susan Anthony was born October 3, 1957 in Vallejo, California, the youngest of three children, born to John Burton Anthony Jr. and Margaret Lillian Garibaldi founders of the 7 Flags car wash facilities in Vallejo, Fairfield, Benicia, Martinez and Vacaville. John B. Anthony III (1951), Mark S. Anthony (1954), and Susan Anthony (1957).

I have been educated in Solano County; pre schooled at McKinnley and then attended Saint Vincent’s where I graduated with Honors from Saint Vincent's High School. I was raised Roman Catholic.

My family and I are animal lovers that date back to my Italian grandparents who tended to a team of horses and a ten-acre vegetable garden in Vallejo, producing vegetables, eggs and fruit for Vallejo and San Francisco consumers. My Father worked as a glazer installing windows in new homes and my Mother remained in Vallejo working at her brothers grocery store. In 1952 my Mom and Dad purchased the Tennessee Market and ran it for twenty years.

I was interested in political science while attending junior college and served as an intern for Democratic Candidate Vic Fazio during his election campaign for Congress. Vic Fazio represented Californians as Congressman for a total of twenty years from 1979 - 1999.

I graduated from Solano Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree in General Science; became interested in Real Estate Principles and obtained a California Real Estate License.

In 1984 California voters passed Proposition 19 and designated 85 million dollars for ‘Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement.’ The wetlands in Vallejo were being filled and Vallejo City Government had a strong ambition for high-density housing on the land considered a strategic part of the Bay eco-system. With the support of the voters and with the wetland in Vallejo needing a spokesperson, I started a letter writing campaign to protect and to preserve Vallejo's wetlands. To no avail the dirt continued to spill into the wetlands. I realized that my effort on the local level was unproductive. So, I wrote President Reagan for help. The Napa Valley Audubon Society came forward and filed an appeal with the City of Vallejo. The City once again sided with the developer and dirt continued to spill into the wetlands. I wrote to the Army Corp of Engineers and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission and requested their help. I continued to notify our state and U.S. Representatives of the ongoing effort in Vallejo to fill in the wetlands for high-density housing, referring to the 1984 legislation Prop 19, the "Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Act."

In 1989 four years after I started the campaign to save the wetlands, the U.S Fish and Wildlife received $4.5 million to purchase the 1,500-acre marsh area known as Cullinan Ranch for a wildlife sanctuary. The campaign gained further significance with an additional $3.5 million infusion from the Bush administration's budget. Mark Holmes of Save the Bay Association said, “this is the most significant accomplishment for the restoration of Bay wetlands to occur over the last decade." Cullinan Ranch is part of the Pacific Flyway a wintering area for the endangered canvas back duck. The area is also important for other endangered species including the clapper rail, the salt marsh harvest mouse, the California brown pelican and the peregrine falcon.

I became a member of the Patriotic Women's Club, The Native Daughters of the Golden West and advanced through the ranks to President of Vallejo Parlor 195 attending meetings throughout Northern California and the State Convention.

I volunteered my time to help a good friend of mine Gloria Exline during her bid for Mayor of Vallejo including campaigning and offering advice on issues.

I bought and upgraded my own car wash in 2005 called Squeaky Clean Car Wash located at 480 Benicia Road in Vallejo; and as a hobby, and labor of love, I am the keeper and protector of a rare genetic line of Native Dog of America called the Carolina Dog.

I have been active on a number of issues affecting the quality of life for Vallejoans; been an advocate for clean water and responsible growth; wrote editorials and spoke out against important issues that would effect clean air in Vallejo and in the surrounding communities including a call for an investigation of the ITT Toxic Dump; opposed and appeared at City Council with evidence against Mayor Intintoli pressing for a Detention Facility for Vallejo, and spoke out against and opposed in a letter writing campaign, with editorials in both Vallejo Times Herald and the American Canyon Press on the proposed Dump that would contaminate the pristine Lynch Canyon Valley of American Canyon.

During my education, I was taught that we are a part of a Democracy and it is our responsibility to provide guidance to our representatives. Our Representatives are public servants, and the democratic way is that their function is to represent our interests. I learned that the most effect way to communicate with our government is by writing to our Representatives. So I started letter writing and was intrigued for the most part on how responsive our government is.

I will implement new legislation to restructure the “use or loose” budget methodology that prompts frivolous spending of taxpayers money. The practice occurs at the end of the fiscal year to affectively burn up the money left in all the various agencies bank accounts to accomplish the goal, to get more money issued the following fiscal year.

Democracy depends on our involvement and I am offering my services to represent your interests. I am opposed to tax increases and any new form of tax initiative and I believe government spending needs to be reduced. My goal is to represent you and see that the county spends money as if they earned it, not as if it was grown on trees.

My interest in politics has come about from wanting to help make a better life for us. To convey clearly the will of the people and to bring in fresh ideas for spending restraints and to keep our politicians informed of Vallejo’s issues and priorities.

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