Susan B. Anthony
Solano County Board of Supervisors

Susan B. Anthony

My Platform

I am Susan B. Anthony a candidate for Solano County Board of Supervisors. Solano County is in a lot of trouble financially. The Board of Supervisors needs someone that is fiscally responsible. I am a successful Business Woman. I know how to run a business; make a profit; avoid a loss and how to balance a budget. This county needs me!

My focal point is to encourage new job creation in Vallejo by revitalizing our great resource: the Industrial area on Mare Island. Regarding the recycling of Iron ore in the Reserve Military Ships and the billions of dollars worth of Iron ore in the Bay Bridge, I have asked our representatives to pass legislation to declare the bidding process flawed and in violation of Federal Laws that protect our Natural Resources. I have sent a written request to President Obama, U.S. Senator Boxer, Governor Brown, Assembly-member Allen, Representative Miller and Congressman Garamendi requesting their attention on addressing the hoarding of U.S. Iron ore and other semi precious metals by Foreign Investors.

This act of hoarding fabricates shortages and causes skyrocketing prices. The control of the Metals Commodity started prices skyrocketing starting in 2003. Our Representatives need to be held accountable for allowing Foreign Investors to control the Metals Commodity and jeopardizing U.S. Social and Military Interests.

Iron ore is a military strategic metal and skyrocketing metal prices have resulted in, The Desperate; ripping out, the infrastructure wiring from municipalities across the United States of America costing the tax payers billions of dollars in repairs. I am calling on our Representatives to take the responsibility they have to us, as Public Servants, whereby they are obligated to implement a plan of action and pass legislation to achieve stabilization of this commodity and allow products to be made here in California.

Our Representatives need to protect American Interests. I have requested an investigation to determine which branch of the government is not doing their job to: 1. stabilize the prices of this commodity 2. maintain healthy reserves 3. prevent foreign investors from controlling the metals commodity of the United States 4. restrict foreign Investors from exploiting the U.S economy by selling U.S.metals to foreign Investors at below market value 5. and pass legislation under fair trade and natural resource laws with the ultimate goal, to protect the Social and Military interests of the United States.

Foreign Investors have already been endowed with 7.2 Billion Dollars from California Tax Payer's to fabricate the Bay Bridge. Our legislators must reverse the current trend of kowtowing to foreign Investors and realign their allegiance and loyalty to our country and our citizens; enact legislation and enforce Federal Laws in all states that give priority to American Companies in the biding on U.S. contracts; and abate policies that inhibit manufacturing of products made in the U.S.A., the Alliance for American Manufacturing would be available to help write the legislation.

Given the opportunity, Mare Island will partner with a U.S Iron fabrication company in recycling and remanufacturing the steel from the Reserve Military Ships and the Bay Bridge into consumer and Industrial goods. Jobs and profits are what recycling and remanufacturing will represent to our community of Vallejo. Metal Commodities are in demand with an array of products to be made here in the U.S.A. e.g. nuts, bolts, metal siding, metal roofing, car frames, metal wall studs and structural beams to name a few.

Our Government needs to reduce spending and concentrate on the well being of the human element of our community. Our Executive Branch of Government, state and county have overloaded the taxpayers with project after project. Now is the time to look internally at how to implement policy that will not add insult to injury. As your County Supervisor, I will be your spokesperson to rally behind our Representatives in their effort to remedy these issues. I will provide the leadership in a concerted effort to secure our future job potential in Vallejo. Together with the Iron Fabrication Industry, we will bring viability to the Industrial areas on Mare Island and restore the availability of jobs. A productive manufacturing facility will secure our future and instill pride in our community for years to come. The number of products to be made is unlimited.

In closing, "I will promote open government and the peoples right to know. I believe in the essential goodness and common sense of Vallejoans working together to make Vallejo a better place to live, educate, and raise families." so stated by Gloria Exline. I will emulate these principles


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